Appliance Repair Peachtree City

Plumbing and Electrical Repair

Fix common plumbing problems, including leaking toilets, low water pressure, and more. Replace a light bulb, a dry plug, a wall socket, a breaker, a ceiling fan, and other complicated electrical issues. Find out what plumbing positions are open by contacting us. You may also take advantage of our electrical work repair and replacement services by contacting us as soon as you need our assistance.

A worn-out washer is one of the most common causes of leaking sinks. Every time you turn the faucet on, the washer presses against the valve seat. We can fix sink leaks caused by worn-out washers easily! Allow our technicians to take care of it!

Under-the-Counter Leak Repair

Many toilet issues were caused by poor installation, wear and tear, and defective parts. You’re leaving your bathroom in a chaotic state, with broken floors and walls. But don’t worry, if anything goes wrong, we’ll be there to help you get your toilet fixed or replaced.

Toilet Repair and Replacement

Replacements are recommended over simple repairs. Newer faucets have improved in terms of technology and features, resulting in longer lifespans, lesser water waste, and more appealing designs. You can get your taps repaired or replaced with us.

Faucet Repair and Replacement

Breakers regulate the flow of electricity in your home. Breakers manage the increased electrical load as our homes become more high-tech. Is the breaker panel on your house up to date? We will work with you to ensure that your circuit breakers meet your needs.

Breaker Replacement

Change or replace your dry plug with a socket-compatible one. Changing a dryer cord is simple once you have the appropriate dryer plug type for your outlet. If you need your dry plugs replaced, please contact us.

Dry Plug Replacements

If you have any concerns or questions about working with electricity, such as replacing a wall socket, contact a licensed electrician. This form of work can be dangerous, and it’s not worth putting your life on the line to save a few bucks. Contact us so we can help you.

Wall Socket Replacements

You may use a ceiling fan with a light fixture to replace a chandelier or ceiling fixture in a home. To save money on heating and cooling, contact us at any time or replace an existing light fixture with an energy-efficient fan/light combination.

Ceiling Fans and Lights Replacement